Ecem Kirkiz, our ESR7, starts her secondment at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM, France)



We’re happy to announce that Ecem Kirkiz , our ESR7, starts her secondment at Puissant Lab (Inserm, Paris).

In her current project, Ecem is stationed at the lab of Florian Grebien in Vetmeduni (Vienna), and she aims at testing in vitro and in vivo models of fusion protein-driven myeloid malignancies, with a keen eye on identifying the interactors and regulators of these oncogenic proteins.

In her secondment at Puissant Lab (Inserm, Paris) Ecem makes a significant advancement for her project, gaining invaluable expertise in conducting an in vivo RNAi-based knock down study in NUP98::KDM5A PDX mice.

This crucial step will allow her to validate the results of her project at an organism-wide level, a pivotal move towards translating her findings into clinical applications.