EHA Research Grants: Supporting Hematology Innovation


The European Hematology Association (EHA) offers a range of grants to support hematology research, fostering innovation and collaboration within the field. These grants cater to researchers at various career stages, providing essential funding and opportunities for growth.

Key Grants Offered by EHA

  1. EHA Research Grants: Support for basic and translational hematology research projects.
  2. EHA Research Mobility Grants: Funding for short-term international research visits to promote knowledge exchange.
  3. EHA Innovation Grant: Encourages high-risk, high-reward projects with significant potential impact.
  4. EHA Bilateral Collaborative Grant: Promotes international research collaborations.
  5. EHA Kick-off Grants: Initial funding for early-career researchers to establish their projects.
  6. EHA-JSH Travel Grant: Supports attendance at the EHA-Japanese Society of Hematology meeting.

Applications undergo a competitive review process, evaluating scientific merit, feasibility, and impact. Recipients gain financial support, increased visibility, and networking opportunities.

For more details and application guidelines, visit the EHA Research Grants page​ (EHA)​​ (EHA)​​ (EHA)​.