James Heald starts his secondment at the University of Veterinary Medicine (Vetmeduni, Austria)



James Heald, our ESR6 working with Dr. Maria Berdasco at the Institute of Josep Carreras, starts his secondment and joins the lab of Florian Grebien at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna (Vetmeduni).

During his secondment, James Heald will learn new techniques: to replate assays of cell colonies, to experiment in vivo with novel protein fusions of leukemogenic potential and to immunophenoptype AML cells in murine models.

James’main aim is to test if a, recently discovered, fusion partner of NUP98 (Heald et al., 2024) drives acute myeloid leukemia.

Understanding NUP98 fusions, even in orphan cases, could reveal novel pathways with broader implications for therapeutics of NUP98-related malignancies.