Sven De Pourcq, our ESR8, starts his secondment at Institute for Integrative Systems Biology, Spain



Sven De Pourcq, our ESR8 at Università degli Studi di Firenze, has started his secondment in Ana Conesas bioinformatic lab at Institute for Integrative Systems Biology, CSIC.

There, he will learn to use R and bash programming languages to analyse data methylation from HR-MDS samples of patients treated with Azacitidine administrated orally or subcutaneously. His goal is to understand if the two treatments have a similar clinical effect, given that patients are expected to comply, more frequently, with the oral administration.  

In his experiments, he will also assess the efficiency to capture DNA methylation patterns in DNA samples of low concentration using the latest sequencing technology from Oxford Nanopore. This will open the way to use native human DNA samples obtained by simpler, cheaper, and less time-consuming protocols.