Priyansh and the Conesa lab participate in a training stay for high-school students



In July, the INTERCEPT-MDS fellow Priyansh Srivastava collaborated with the Conesa lab at the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I²SysBio) to organize a training session for four high-school students who won the national biological science Olympiad of Spain.

During 1 week, the four students were introduced to cutting-edge research conducted by diverse researchers at I²SysBio. They visited various labs working in different areas of biological research. The Genomics of Gene Expression Lab, led by Ana Conesa, familiarized students with the dynamic field of bioinformatics. Priyansh collaborated with the Conesa lab and introduced the students to the field of structural bioinformatics through protein visualization.

Structural bioinformatics forms the basis of pharmaceutical research and is very intuitive to help develop the foundation in the field of bioinformatics. Priyansh demonstrated the use of PyMol, a molecular visualization software actively used by researchers in drug discovery to identify drug target sites. After that, he conducted a hands-on session, teaching the students the essentials of PyMol software and how to identify secondary protein structures in 3-dimensional models.

Thank you Priyansh and the Conesa lab for this insightful training session!