ESR projects

Research project

Enhancing the informative value of bulk bone marrow RNA-seq by inferring cell-type contributions (WP3)

Rationale and objectives

A large number of bulk RNA-seq data has already been generated from complex bone marrow (BM) samples. Understanding the contributions of different cell types and states will increase the diagnostic value of the data.

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The project’s objectives are:

•To computationally dissect the contribution of different cell populations in bulk expression data of MDS patients.

•To validate the analysis with single-cell experiments using samples from the MDS patients.

•To assess the diagnostic and prognostic potential of the augmented information in CHIP, MDS and sAML.

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Envisioned secondments

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (Spain, 3 months), BioBam Bioinformatics (Spain, 1 month).

PhD programme

PhD in Experimental Medicine, TUM graduate School (TUM-GS), Germany.