Early researcher

Eve Dias


I graduated from the French university of Rouen Normandie in Biological Engineering in 2021. I went for 6 months to Berlin in Germany and did my master thesis at T-knife in R&D, a biotech company developing T-cell immunotherapies.

During my Master studies, I also spent one year abroad at the Autónoma University of Madrid to study biochemistry. I have advanced knowledge in multi-color flow cytometry, co-culture systems, primary cell culture and bioinformatics.


During my last internship, I studied bone marrow from mice to study dendritic cells and since then I am curious about the bone marrow environment. How do different cell types communicate and interact within the bone marrow? How do diseases emerge from small alterations/mutations in these cell types?

I’m particularly interested in how epigenetic regulators can modulate the bone marrow microenvironment to allow the clonal expansion of disease cells in myeloid malignancies such as myelodysplastic syndromes. I’m curious about the bench-to-bedside development and how we, as scientists, can do translational research to be a part of this process.