Project Supervisor

Stefan Götz


I started out of university as a computer scientist (Germany) with a strong interest in biomedical applications. I moved from biomedical informatics to computational biology and specialised in functional genomics and sequence analysis. In 2010, after my PhD. in bioinformatics (Spain) I decided to pursue a non-academic career and moved into business transforming myself into an entrepreneur.

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In 2011 I founded BioBam, a bioinformatics company with the vision to significantly contribute to the advances in genomics research; an area of great potential to improve human health, food safety and environmental quality. Since then I dedicate myself as CEO of BioBam to the growth of our company, including business strategy, research & innovation, product management as well all financial and legal issues, amongst others.

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BioBam is dedicated to creating bioinformatics software solutions which assist researchers in their daily data analysis tasks. We accelerate research in disciplines such as agricultural genomics, microbiology and environmental NGS studies, amongst others. While committed to the development of user-friendly software solutions we transform complex data analysis procedures into an attractive and interactive task.

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With OmicsBox we provide an all-in-one NGS data analysis solution for different "omics"-applications like Genomics, Transcriptomics or Metagenomics. This includes Blast2GO and its functional analysis features which are very well established for functional genomics studies and especially popular in non-model organism research. Recent research activities include single-cell and system biology approaches as well as to help gain further biological insights by combining multi-omics datasets.

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