Project Supervisor

Torsten Haferlach


Besides routine diagnostics with rapid turnaround, MLL focuses on applied research for leukemia diagnostics. We believe that our central task is to encourage discussion of our knowledge, data and findings and to place them at the disposal of the scientific community in talks, training and publications. We have contributed to a broad variety of collaborations on scientific issues within hematology for more than 20 years, especially through our international networks with other diagnostic laboratories and research groups around the world.

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Moreover, MLL frequently hosts international research cooperation directly: For instance through exchange programs, our test procedures and data repositories, but also by allowing guest researchers to shadow the work of our facility and by sitting on national and international work groups.

We also support research institutions around the world to produce new insight in the field of leukemia diagnostics and emergence, as well as in the rollout of new procedures and applications for routine diagnostics in the facilities themselves.

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